Different Types Of Glazier Services

A glazier will often be needed to complete commercial and residential projects. They tend to come in later after the walls have been built such that focus can shift to the door and windows. This type of tradesman is skilled in handling glass, as well as substitutes such as acrylic panels. Many are also experts in metal and wood works that are relevant to their projects. They can read blueprints to follow the specifications. They utilize special tools and solve various onsite issues to finish the jobs. Below are some of their most sought-after services:


Glaziers can fabricate doors and windows from scratch. If the project calls for custom creations, then they can come in and get things done. They will check the plans and take the actual measurements to ensure a good fit. They will find suitable panels and cut them to the specifications. They can also create the frames needed to secure the glass in place. For modern commercial establishments, the common choice today is aluminum framing which is light, durable, rustproof, and dependable. PVC is also popular because of its improved insulation and longevity. Residential properties may use wooden frames as well. If glass doors are desired, then the glazier can create these, too.


After making the doors and windows according to the specifications, the glazier will transport the items to the site and perform the installation. The frames may sometimes require on the spot adjustment for a smooth fit. Then they will be fastened to the walls to prevent movement and resist the force of strong winds. Glass panels can now slide into their slots and tested for their gliding action. These panels may be clear or tinted. Some might require hinges which must be strong enough to carry the load. Screen panels may be added to prevent insects from getting inside. Finally, the glazier will seal the perimeter both inside and out with silicone. Other precautions may be taken for better insulation. By preventing air from escaping, the stress on the air conditioner can be reduced.


A glazier may be called in to fix problems with old windows. For example, the glass may be broken due to vandalism, accident, or harsh weather. Exposed corners are sharp and dangerous. They should be removed so that they don’t become a safety hazard. New window panels should be cut and installed into the frames. Sometimes it’s the frames that require replacement due to rot as in the case of wood. New ones can be made as well. They can also use different materials and create more modern designs. Property owners might also ask a glazier about an upgrade to double-paned windows for better energy efficiency or to tinted windows for better privacy.