This website has been prepared by the Joint Earth Science Education Initiative (JESEI) which is a collaborative venture to improve the quality of Earth Science teaching in schools. The website is produced through collaboration between the following organisations:

The Earth Science Teachers’ Association
The Institute of Biology
The Institute of Physics
The Royal Society
The Royal Society of Chemistry for educational resources

The implementation of the website has been supported by the following organisations:

The Association for Science Education
The Geological Society
United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association

Many individuals were involved in initiating the venture, in steadily supporting the initiative, and in the preparation of materials. The JESEI Committee would like to express their appreciation to them all, and in particular to those individuals listed below.


Material was prepared by:

  • Georgina Day, Institute of Biology
  • Alastair Fleming, University of Keele
  • Gary Hamblin Weston Road High School, Stafford
  • Kristina Humphries, Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Peter Kennett, Earth Science Education Unit, University of Keele
  • Chris King, Earth Science Education Unit, University of Keele
  • Ted Lister, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Averil Macdonald, Institute of Physics
  • John Payne, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Mark Peplow, Institute of Biology
  • Katherine Rocoux, Institute of Biology
  • Ian Thomas, National Stone Centre

The sponsors would like to thank the following individuals and institutions who contributed to the project in a variety of ways:

  • Kirsty Brown, Royal Society
  • Steven Chapman, Institute of Physics
  • Georgina Day, Institute of Biology
  • Lorette Erasmus, Institute of Biology
  • Alastair Fleming, University of Keele
  • Bonnie Howard, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Colin Osborne, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Maria Pack, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • John Reynolds, ESTA
  • Cally Oldershaw, Geological Society
  • Phil Ramsden, Association for Science Education
  • Chris Shepherd, Institute of Physics
  • Bill Symonds, University of Keele
  • Annette Thomas, UK Offshore Operators Association
  • Catherine Wilson, Institute of Physics
  • Wilson Flood, Education Consultant

Many activities are based on material originally published in the Earth Science Teachers’ Association’s series of publications entitled Science of the Earth. These are available from

The British Geological Survey is thanked for permission to reproduce photographs and maps. More information on the survey can be found at

Material edited by Ted Lister and John Payne.

All uncredited photographs Peter Kennett.

Project managed by Ted Lister.

Web site design and programming by Alex Renshaw at  Presenting Science.

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Copyright is waived for original material published on this site if the material is required for use within the laboratory or classroom. The copyright of material reproduced by permission of other publishers rests with the originating publisher.

Modification of material

Should teachers wish to modify the Word™ documents provided to fit the needs of their students, they may do so, but any changes are their own responsibility.