Supporting the teaching of Earth Sciences



Between the late 1930s and the early 1960s, Yardley, a co-educational Grammar School situated in Birmingham’s inner city, was one of the very few secondary schools throughout the UK which offered Geology as a Higher School Certificate/A Level subject in its 6th Form.  In fact, while not unique, it was very special and arguably the lead school in this science in England and Wales. Geology had been introduced into the 6th Form curriculum by Dr. Mabel Tomlinson a distinguished academic and field Geologist who received the Lyell medal in 1938  and whose research had provided the definitive interpretation of the River Severn river terraces.  On her retirement in 1959 she was succeeded by Geoff Brown who was privileged to carry on, expand and enhance this tradition into the mid 60s. These two teachers who inspired generations of pupils with their enthusiasm for their science and thus made it possible, year on year, for the brightest to go on to University and subsequently to take up their careers and to serve with distinction in many fields of Earth Sciences. Particularly in teaching and research in the petroleum and mining industries, and the Geological Survey. 50 years on the teaching of Geology at Yardley has long since gone.  Thankfully however, the tradition lives on in the form of the Tomlinson-Brown Trust. The Trust was formed in 2004 by a group of these Yardley Earth Scientists and its interest was focused upon the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark (Hereford and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust). The general aim being:to promote and encourage the appreciation, education and public awareness of Earth Science issues by raising and managing funds in order to make awards accessible to school students (under 18 years), schools and youth organizations and to individuals or groups who seek financial support in order to pursue practical projects (field or laboratory work etc). The Trust relies on donations from career geologists and others wishing to support the teaching of Earth Sciences.
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