Thinking Through Bathroom Renovations

Homes are usually carefully designed by professionals to ensure they meet the needs of the client. That is why professionally designed and built homes always look perfect. While some improvements can be made, they are usually minor. Over time, however, a home may lose its appeal. The tiles above the kitchen sink may become stained and look dull. The bathroom may also lose its original appeal. After buying an old house, the first thing most people would do is carry out renovations. Some of the areas of focus usually include the bathroom, kitchen, flooring, roofing, and landscaping. Take the advice from SF Renovations Geelong, bathroom renovations can have the biggest returns on investment. However, there is need to think through the project because the project may be costly, and you may not get the desired results.

What to Think About

Before you can embark on renovating the bathroom, there are several things you need to think of. Below is a list of things you have to think about before you start the bathroom renovation project:

i) Project Cost

Bathrooms can be costly to renovate because you may need to upgrade most features. You may want to replace the tiles on the bathroom wall, get rid of the old bathtub and get a new toilet. Some people may also be interested in installing a new see-through shower enclosure. Each of these bathroom fixtures comes at a premium. When you add labor and other charges, the cost of the renovation project may be quite substantial. When thinking about bathroom renovation, therefore, you have to save a considerable amount of money and get quotes from different contractors. After all, the renovation companies you’ve shortlisted will all quote different amounts, so you have to do a comparison and consider other factors to ensure you get the best value for your money. Please note that the cost of bathroom renovation will most likely be more than you think.

ii) Your Contractor May Not Be on the Same Page as You

When you hire someone to do something, make sure you explain to them exactly what you want. Be sure to also have the contractor make a presentation of what they intend to do just to confirm that you’re both on the same page. You should have the pictures of the bathtub, shower head, toilet, mirror, shower enclosure and everything else as well as their new locations before the project begins. The ideal contractor should be insured and bonded. In case they do something that does not meet your requirements, you should not incur additional costs to carry out repairs.

iii) You May Not Want a Freestanding Bathtub

As mentioned above, one of the upgrades that many people may want to make when doing remodeling is installing a new bathtub. If you would like to have a freestanding bathtub, you should do some research on the pros and cons. These bathtubs must be cleaned both on the inside and outside, so if you don’t like cleaning, this should not be an option for you.

iv) Space is Everything

Everybody wants a bathroom that is spacious and well-organized. If you plan on installing bathroom fixtures that will use up the available space, you should rethink your decision. After all, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and end up with a bathroom that’s actually worse than you found it.

v) Improve on the Lighting

Bathrooms usually have smaller windows than other rooms in the house, so you need to invest in proper lighting. The renovation company can design a proper lighting system for the bathroom to ensure there are no dark areas in the bathroom.

Why Renovate?

There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to renovate the bathroom. The most common reason is to improve the appearance of the bathroom. The second reason is to fix damaged or leaking fixtures. If there is asbestos in the bathroom, renovation must be done to get rid of this cancer-causing material. Similarly, if you have old lead pipes in the bathroom, you will have to get rid of them during bathroom renovation. If you would like to free up more space in the bathroom, you can renovate to create more space. For instance, if there is a wall separating the toilet and the shower area, you can demolish the wall to create more free space and make the bathroom look bigger.

Choosing a Renovation Company

Only licensed, insured, and bonded renovation companies should be considered. The ideal contractor must have a long list of similar projects they have previously completed. They should also charge reasonable rates and offer different types of guarantees to their clients.